I've changed my hairstyles many times before, from crochet braids, Marley twists, box braids, and even wigs. You name it, I most likely tried it at least once. This time I decided to try something new, especially since prior to this hairstyle I wore my hair in crochet braids with the use of Marley hair. Don't get me wrong, I love crochet braids! I was just tired of the hair constantly being in my face so I wanted a much more shorter style that will stay out of my face.

Short faux locs is the perfect style for summer because it is light, the even better part is that my mom did them so it was cost efficient. All I had to pay for was the yarn that I purchased from Walmart for $5.97 and 6 packs of kankelon braiding hair that I purchased from my local beauty supply for $3.99 each. I understand that not all mothers know how to do faux locs or may not feel like doing it for you so below I listed cool and straight forward faux loc tutorials that you all can save money.