Highlights seem to be the new trend and we are pretty confident that it will stick around for quite a while. We are not talking about a fluorescent marker used to highlight important information lol, we are speaking of makeup. There are so many online tutorials that teaches people how and where it should be applied and where to buy it. The initial reason for a highlighter is to attract light to certain areas of the face, creating the illusion of brightness so that when the sun gently kisses your face, you look like a Goddess. 


Using your fingers or an fan brush, it is most common to apply a highlight to ...

Right above the cheekbones - Where light naturally hits your face 

Center of nose - this enhances the size of your nose, making it appear a bit slimmer

Under the eyebrow - Emphasizes your eyebrows shape

Cupid's Bow - Gives your lips a fuller appearance

Depending on the pigmentation of your skin, you should consider using a silver or gold colored highlighter. For instance, if you have a lighter skin complexion, a silver color would blend better than a copper/ gold highlighter and vice versa. I have three different highlighters - one cost $30, the other one is technically a bronzer, and the third cost $10. But, which one is which? Other than the price and brand of each product, I love each one the same as they all basically serve the same purpose, which is to highlight. To help you get a better visual, check out the photos below:


Becca color Topaz - Sephora - $38 | Black Radiance color Gingersnap - Target - $8 | NYX color Confessions of Tanaholic - $10


Christal & Christina