*All of the lipsticks above were purchased with my own money.

From left to right: 1.) Zipper, 2.) Teeny Tiny, 3.) Avenue, 4.) Limbo, 5.) Guess, 6.) Kapow

    Christina bought me the color LAX for Christmas and I have been in love ever since. After having matte lipsticks I now stay away from anything that is too glossy. Finding lipsticks in the perfect shade is a never ending challenge for women of color. The lipstick colors are either way too bright or the "nudes" make your lips look super ashy. I cannot count how many times I have failed when it came down to getting the right shades. I have noticed now that there are some companies that are slowly starting to have colors that fit my skin tone. I am usually not into the light pinks or reds, but I just had to try those shades from colourpop. The neutral shades like blah, blah, and blah I would definitely match it with a darker brown lip pencil. 

    My favorite color so far has to be Limbo because it is the perfect brown color that you can wear every day and my least favorite has to be Kapow because it kind of makes my lips look ashy, so I would have to do a little more experimenting. If anyone was skeptical of buying any ultra matte lippies from colourpop, DON'T be, they changed my look on a lot of colors.


    Christal Cotton