I've changed my hairstyles many times before, from crochet braids, Marley twists, box braids, and even wigs. You name it, I most likely tried it at least once. This time I decided to try something new, especially since prior to this hairstyle I wore my hair in crochet braids with the use of Marley hair. Don't get me wrong, I love crochet braids! I was just tired of the hair constantly being in my face so I wanted a much more shorter style that will stay out of my face.

Short faux locs is the perfect style for summer because it is light, the even better part is that my mom did them so it was cost efficient. All I had to pay for was the yarn that I purchased from Walmart for $5.97 and 6 packs of kankelon braiding hair that I purchased from my local beauty supply for $3.99 each. I understand that not all mothers know how to do faux locs or may not feel like doing it for you so below I listed cool and straight forward faux loc tutorials that you all can save money.





Highlights seem to be the new trend and we are pretty confident that it will stick around for quite a while. We are not talking about a fluorescent marker used to highlight important information lol, we are speaking of makeup. There are so many online tutorials that teaches people how and where it should be applied and where to buy it. The initial reason for a highlighter is to attract light to certain areas of the face, creating the illusion of brightness so that when the sun gently kisses your face, you look like a Goddess. 


Using your fingers or an fan brush, it is most common to apply a highlight to ...

Right above the cheekbones - Where light naturally hits your face 

Center of nose - this enhances the size of your nose, making it appear a bit slimmer

Under the eyebrow - Emphasizes your eyebrows shape

Cupid's Bow - Gives your lips a fuller appearance

Depending on the pigmentation of your skin, you should consider using a silver or gold colored highlighter. For instance, if you have a lighter skin complexion, a silver color would blend better than a copper/ gold highlighter and vice versa. I have three different highlighters - one cost $30, the other one is technically a bronzer, and the third cost $10. But, which one is which? Other than the price and brand of each product, I love each one the same as they all basically serve the same purpose, which is to highlight. To help you get a better visual, check out the photos below:


Becca color Topaz - Sephora - $38 | Black Radiance color Gingersnap - Target - $8 | NYX color Confessions of Tanaholic - $10


Christal & Christina



Face products you probably have sitting in your kitchen cabinet is a bottle of apple cider vinegar and a box of baking soda. Baking soda is an exfoliant and will help with black heads along with stubborn acne. After washing your face at night, make a paste by mixing water and baking soda together and gently massage any problem areas. After, leave it on for 5 minutes and throughly rinse your face. Keep in mind not to rub your face too hard and only do this once a week to prevent irritating your skin.

The apple cider vinegar will serve as your toner. A toner is used to close your pores to prevent anything evil from getting back inside. When you have allowed your face to dry completely, take a cotton ball and apply in to your entire face or just your troubled areas. Use the technique of patting instead of rubbing so that you are not adding so much stress to your face. The smell is not the best which is why I only use it before bed, but it works wonders and I have seen a huge difference. Considering the fact apple cider vinegar can be a bit harsh depending on how sensitive your face is, adding water to your solution would be best. With a little patience and consistency, you will soon notice your blackheads disappear and your dark spots fade.

*Where to buy baking soda: your local grocery store in the baking aisle

Where to buy apple cider vinegar: vitamin shop or whole foods


Christina Cotton



*All of the lipsticks above were purchased with my own money.

From left to right: 1.) Zipper, 2.) Teeny Tiny, 3.) Avenue, 4.) Limbo, 5.) Guess, 6.) Kapow

    Christina bought me the color LAX for Christmas and I have been in love ever since. After having matte lipsticks I now stay away from anything that is too glossy. Finding lipsticks in the perfect shade is a never ending challenge for women of color. The lipstick colors are either way too bright or the "nudes" make your lips look super ashy. I cannot count how many times I have failed when it came down to getting the right shades. I have noticed now that there are some companies that are slowly starting to have colors that fit my skin tone. I am usually not into the light pinks or reds, but I just had to try those shades from colourpop. The neutral shades like blah, blah, and blah I would definitely match it with a darker brown lip pencil. 

    My favorite color so far has to be Limbo because it is the perfect brown color that you can wear every day and my least favorite has to be Kapow because it kind of makes my lips look ashy, so I would have to do a little more experimenting. If anyone was skeptical of buying any ultra matte lippies from colourpop, DON'T be, they changed my look on a lot of colors.


    Christal Cotton






    Purchased: Target

    The award for best face scrub goes to ... Acne Dote! My face loves this stuff so much. I used it on and off last summer and I honestly don't know why I ever stopped. Not only is it paraben, phthalate, and synthetic fragrance free, but it is also made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. Since the scrub contains 2% salicylic acid, I prefer using it at night as it fights breakouts after rinsing it off. The way it makes my face feel is out of this world. It smells like peppermint and has an icy cool feeling as if you can feel it working.


    Purchased: Vanity Planet

    Exfoliating is super important and should be incorporated in everyones face regimen, but too much of it can be very drying and irritating for your face. I purchased this spin brush sometime in fall and my face has been in love ever since. I exfoliate 3-4 times a week at night along with my favorite acne dote face and body scrub.

    The price is listed at $100 and to me that is crazy bananas. If you go on youtube and search for spin for perfect skin reviews, you can click on someones video and in the description they will have a discount code which will then bump the price down to $20-$30.


    Purchased: Target

    Due to my stubborn acne marks, I have been looking everywhere for a cleanser that brightens and tones my skin and I believe that my search is over. Last year I used Shea Moistures spot correcting cream and had great results, so I did think twice about purchasing this soap.

    I aimed to create a balance in regards of my face products by using a stronger face wash before bed and something more gentle in the mornings.


    Purchased: Target

    This mask was a Christmas gift and if I must add, it is the best gift I received, I get carried away with using face masks, especially this one because I think they are fun to do and very relaxing. I try to use this mask at least two times a week when I think my face needs it. Most masks I use make my face feel dry, but this does the exact opposite while leaving your face moisturized. A little goes a long way, so a thin layer and five minutes is all you will need.


    My face is far from perfect but it is doing way much better than it was last year. I have very oily skin and I had a very hard time finding products that helped my skin. I am not trying to sound like a proactive commercial haha but all jokes aside my face cleared up so much after using Shea moistures African black soap, African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 sunscreen, and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Bentonite clay face mask twice a week. I like to keep it simple when it comes to my face routine. 

    My morning routine consists of washing my face with the Aftican Black soap, after letting my face air dry I dab tea tree oil on my face avoiding the eye and mouth area using my index finger. Once I let the tea tree oil set into my pores I follow with the moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 sunscreen.

    My night time routine is pretty much similar to my morning routine but instead after washing my face with African Black soap I follow with the scrub and I swap out the spf lotion with coconut oil. 

    In the pictures below I did not add any filters and I am not wearing any foundation of that sort.

    *My skin is still not perfect, but it is a work in progress. Please keep in mind that I have oily skin, and some of thing I use to clear up my face may not work for everyone. The key is to find out what works for you and stick with it. Aside from finding a facial routine make sure that you all are drinking plenty of water and eating healthy because what you eat reflects your face as well.


    Christal Cotton