“New year, new me”, a statement used right when the new year rolls around to make self changes they weren’t able to make within the last year. Some people hate the “new year, new me” statement because they assume those people are putting up a front and won’t change at all and for those who have the same negative way of thinking. One, that’s none of your business. Two, you aren’t the New Year Resolution police who determines whether or not someone should change their old habits. Three, instead of being negative, support those who are making an effort to take on healthier habits, whether it is to grow mentally, spiritually or physically.

People use the new year as an opportunity to start over, to become a better person, and prepare for what the year has to come and to be honest, I think it’s a great idea. For someone to admit there’s a problem and is finding strength to seek change shows maturity. More often I see people plan to live a healthier life and use the new year to become more fit and healthy, but it is rare that I see people have New Year Resolutions that involve being more confident, which is just as important.

With social media accounts that determine how poppin you are depending on how many likes you get on a picture or how many followers you have, it’s obvious that confidence is something many people struggle with. Due to America’s lame beauty standards … you know, the ones we are constantly reminded of, those who have lighter skin, long, spiral curly hair pattern and those who are a lot skinnier are unfortunately seen as more beautiful, which is false af, being consistently confident can be very difficult. Instead of solely focusing on how you can better yourself mentally and spiritually, it becomes routine to constantly compare yourself with other people you see on social media. Like we mentioned before, in 2018 we aren’t comparing ourselves to anyone … ever, in any way. You are bomb and someone’s beauty isn’t an absence of your own. And for those who find that hard to believe, we put together a list of tips to boost your confidence for the New Year.

1. Leave the toxic people and relationships in 2017. How can you be your absolute best when you’re surrounded by negative people. Overtime, being around people who are negative will ultimately deter your personal growth. This year we're keeping quality in our corner. Quality friendships and relationships. If the people that you are surrounded by are not lifting you up or supporting you, leave them behind in 2017. This year you deserve to have genuine people that show you real, unconditional love and that will overall aspire you to grow as a human being.

2. No more doubting yourself. Like we mentioned in our previous blog post no more doubting your self worth, creativity, or beauty. As cliche as it sounds, everyone is beautiful in their own way and someone else’s beauty doesn’t take away from yours. Everyone has their own path and we are all where we’re supposed to be at this moment. Someone else’s success doesn’t take away from yours; we’ll all have our time. In the meantime work hard towards your goal until you get to where you want to be. Whatever you do this year, do it with confidence and consistency. 

3. Wear what you want. As a styling blog we always encourage people to wear whatever it is that makes you happy and comfortable. When you’re comfortable you’re confident. What looks good to you may not look good to other people and that is okay. You never know who you’re inspiring by just being you and wearing what you want. 

4. Take a break from social media. Don’t get me wrong; social media is a very resourceful tool when it comes to connecting with other individuals and content creators. But often times we let social media consume us. When we’re scrolling down our timelines we begin to question our beauty and compare ourselves to other people. That’s not hurting anyone but us. By taking a break from social media we have more time to explore and practice our crafts and practice self love.

Christal's Look: 1.) Fur cropped jacket created by myself, 2.) Black Velvet shirt created by myself, 3.) Velvet skirt created by myself