*Summer’s Over Interlude by Drake plays quietly in the background*. Today is September 23, making yesterday officially the first day of fall. It is time to pull out the scary movies and anything pumpkin spice flavored. Fall is by far the best season and there is absolutely no debate about it. The weather is never too hot or too cold, but always just right, making it perfect to pretty much throw on anything long and oversized. If you ever find yourself not knowing what to wear this fall start with any type of cardigan or sweater, preferably oversized or long. This can be a chunky cardigan, longline blazer or jacket. Our cardigan and blazer aren’t super thick, but it's light enough to layer without drowning in them. Incorporating blacks and olive greens was a must because what is fall without black and olive green?  In the midst of picking out an outfit this fall, consider your fall colors: olive green, burgundy, black, grey, mustard yellow, brown, red and burnt orange. 

As for shoes, almost every shoe we own is a black boot with a chunky heel, which works out because that is what we'll be wearing throughout fall and winter. A platform shoe is important for the fall for many reasons. One, the perfect platform boot will make your outfit a tad more dramatic, without necessarily over doing it (hence Christina's clear heeled boots). Two, the weather grows a little more cooler, so a closed toe shoe would be a better option instead of sandals. And three, not only do you grow two or three inches, but a platform shoe will always be fashion forward. 


Christal & Christina