New Years Eve should be filled with positive energy and spent with people you love along with those you expect to be with the next year. The things that come to mind when we think of New Years Eve is anything black, mesh, sequined, fur, and rhinestones. Every year we stay in the house for New Years Eve and the most we do is spend time with our family or work on our blog. Whether you choose to spend New Years Eve staying in the house or going out, you should feel confident and your outfit should be poppin regardless. 

As for New Years resolutions, 2018: No more comparing other peoples success to our own. It grows easy to compare other people's accomplishments to your own, especially when you see people your age doing better than you. Many times we question why things aren't happening for us the way they are happening for other people, but we have to constantly remind ourselves that everyones journey is going to be different. Rather than feeling discouraged, we plan to use those feelings of doubt as inspiration to work even harder. Instead of having the mindset of "Why aren't those things happening for me", we want to be happy for those who are finally getting the recognition they deserve and support them and in the mean time work harder until we see the results we're looking for. 

Christal's Look: 1.) Fur hoodie created by myself, 2.) Black vinyl skirt from Zara, 3.) Knee high boots from Public Desire.

Happy New Years!


Christal & Christina