The semester is finally over and we can finally breathe. It is safe to say that this semester was by far the most challenging in regards to school and our personal life and ... well, at this point C’s get degrees and the most important thing is that we passed all of our classes. Right now it seems as though we have post traumatic school disorder where we basically feel we still have assignments to turn in even though the semester has officially ended. But now that we finally have a break from school and work, we have more time to do things we enjoy. This week we literally trapped ourselves inside our apartment and gave our blog pretty much all of our attention. And as much as we love blogging and taking photos, sometimes our ideas begin to fly around at once where creating becomes overwhelming and eventually discouraging. Of course there are many times we feel pressure to tackle every single project, especially when other factors like school and work tend to get in the way, but it is important to move at your own pace so that you are creating work of quality.

Days you feel overwhelmed or even stuck on an idea, take a break. Never feel guilty for taking time apart from projects because doing what you love shouldn’t stress you out at all, instead your passion and hobby should be an escape. Sometimes you need to take small breaks from projects and ideas to regain focus and reassurance in order to expand on those ideas and that is totally fine. There are so many ideas we have and want to share with you, but sometimes we get overwhelmed and even discouraged, which unfortunately  gets in the way of even producing certain content. When we need to redirect our focus, we surround ourselves around friends who are equally, creatively self driven. Personally, surrounding ourselves around positive people keeps us motivated and ultimately gives us the extra inspiration we need. 

Next time you feel overwhelmed, first, get the idea of not finishing your project out your mind because you are. This isn't a sign of neglect, you're simply just putting your project on pause. Stepping away from your ideas and giving yourself a break will relieve a lot of stress and doubt you have. To take your mind off of what you're struggling with, do something fun that is capable of inspiring you in order to expand on ideas you have. Hang out with a few close friends, listen/ watch 90s R&B music videos, or just talk about how you're feeling in regards to your craft. After taking a small break, you'll find yourself overflown with ideas you never thought you were capable of having. It is a constant rollercoaster and can sometimes get discouraging, but through this stay positive, stay motivated and keep creating. 

Christal's Look: 1.) DIY cropped black denim jacket from GAP, 2.) Velvet shirt created by myself, 3.) Black Knit skirt created by myself.


Christal & Christina