This past few weeks have been nothing short of hectic. If you guys follow us on our other social media sites then you know that we lost one of our close friends to gun violence. Estephan (Stephy) was more like family and had so much going for himself and getting adjusted to him not being here physically is hard. As much as we want to lay around, skip class and pretty much avoid any amount of responsibility, we couldn't. One, if the homie Stephy was here he wouldn't allow us to fall apart, in fact, he was the one that held us together. Two, Stephy never complained and just got things done regardless of what was going on. Knowing how hard he worked through school and work, is actually more motivating and hopefully will give us the strength to push through.

Even though we would rather stay in bed and watch Bob's Burgers, we somehow found ourselves blogging and it actually helped. During times like this it's important to continue to do things you enjoy and that make you happy, and for us blogging is one of those things. After everything that's happened, we concluded that it's okay to take a small break in order to get yourself together mentally, spiritually and physically. It sucks, but as much as we want the world to pause just for a few hours, it's not. Whether we like it or not, the world keeps going and it's our choice to walk around like zombies or to find the strength to make it through such a hard time. Stephy isn't here physically, but the memories we have together lasts a life time and what we do from now on will be for him.

Christal's Look: 1.) Mesh top from Forever21, 2.) Bandeau from Forever21, 3.) Skirt from Zara, 4.) Boots from Asos

Christina's Style: 1.) Top from Forever21, 2.) Pants from Asos 3.) Shoes from H&M 


Christal & Christina