Christal: This shirt is definitely a head turner and if  you know me well enough, you would know that I love attention. I bought this amazing shirt from Legendary Rootz and the message is pretty much self explanatory. But if the message happened to go over anyone's head, it pretty much simplifies how everybody loves black culture but they don't love everything else that comes along with being black. In regards of fashion, music, and simply the way we carry ourselves, everyone wants to be us. But the moment a black life becomes a hashtag or is obviously being mistreated, not only do people attempt to justify it, but those same are suddenly quiet. 

Things like that happen all the time in our fashion classes. Students have asked, "How do I become blackified" as if they could throw on black skin because it's cool and take it off as soon as things don't go in their favor. Not only is it insulting, but it really gets frustrating because our skin is not a trend. We don't have the choice to turn our blackness off whenever we felt like it. We are black 24/7 and the only thing we can do is embrace it. 

Christal's Look: 1.) Shirt from Legendary Rootz, 2.) Pants from Zara, 3.) DIY Puma Slides

Christina's Style: 1.) Crewneck: Forever21, 2.) Pants from Forever21, 3.) Boots from mom

*All photos were taken by Dillon Amir - insta: @dillon_amir


Christal & Christina