Christina: It honestly feels like summer started yesterday and I have no idea where the time went. As some people treat the first day of school like a fashion show, I kept it simple for two reasons. Reason number one: I woke up late and panicked once I came to the conclusion that I had nothing to wear. Reason number two: It was way too hot, so the more simple my outfit was, the better. Though I had a great, memory filled summer with all of my amazing friends, it is now time for school (yay). Getting back into the hang of things is super hard for me since all I've done this summer was sleep, eat, and work. And if not, I will definitely be using Christal's jacket as motivation to get through this semester.

Christal:  I feel like the days when I’m not planning to buy something from any store is the day I actually find something worth buying, in comparison to the planned shopping trips I find nothing. That was me the moment I spotted this red jacket at Zara. When I laid my eyes on this jacket, I knew it was something I needed hanging in my closet. This jacket was originally $60 and luckily I got it on sale for only $10, so that was definitely icing on a cake and made my decision so much easier.

Christal's Look: 1.) Red Jacket from Zara, 2.) Black Halter Top from H&M, 3.) Boyfriend shorts from Zara, 4.) Black Chelsea boots

Christina's Style: 1.) T-shirt from H&M, 2.) Jeans from Qrew, 3) Hat and Shoes from Asos


Christal & Christina