From Atlanta to Los Angeles we finally had the opportunity to meet and shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Breyona Holt, better known as exquisite_eye on social media such as twitter and instagram. Honestly, words simply don't explain how amazing Breyona's work is. Each and every one of her projects are executed effortlessly all while successfully telling a story.  From the first time we followed her on instagram years ago, we knew that we had to shoot with her sooner or later, in which later became sooner than we thought. She is obviously a very talented young woman and her works truly sets her apart from other photographers, but her chill vibes also makes it super easy and comfortable to be in front of her camera lens. In fact hanging out with her  felt as though we have met multiple times before.  Being around someone like her, who is the same age as us and doing what they love, is not only inspiring, but it is also motivating, which makes it safe to say that there is no doubt that we will work with her again in the future.

Christal's Look: 1.) Sheer black button up from thrift store, 2.) Mom jeans from the thrift store, 3.) Black platforms from Forever 21.

Christina's Style: 1.) Denim shirt from thrift store, 2.) Jeans from Forever21, 3.) Black crop from Forever21, 4.) Platform shoes from Reflections


Christal & Christina