First things first, I would like to thank Rihanna for such greatness. Honestly without her, this look wouldn't be possible. If you don't know the story, the first release I tried so hard to get a pair of slides but failed miserably. So when I heard they would be in stock again, I had another chance to redeem myself. If you haven't noticed, I am so obsessed with these Puma slides to the point where I can wear them everyday without a problem. In fact, I don't buy many sneakers because I think lacing them up takes entirely way too long, so these slides are absolutely perfect. I was inspired by the ruffled socks styles with the pumas and I thought "why not lace socks?". The fur slides are already beautiful by themselves, but I felt that lace socks would add an edgy and bold touch. The great part is that lace socks are super affordable and worth every dollar. I bought mine from asos.com for only $8 .