The best part about living in Los Angeles are the museums, especially the free ones. And the best part about making plans with us is that everything is always sort of random. Meet our friends Scott and Estephen. 30 minutes before leaving, we literally called them asking them if they wanted to go to the Broad with us, and of course they accepted the invitation. The Broad museum is fairly new and has some of the best art pieces we have seen. If you plan on visiting, it would be best to have tickets to prevent from standing in a line, that can sometimes be over an hour wait. Not only are the tickets free online, having tickets pretty much cuts your waiting time in half, which gives you more time to explore and enjoy all of the exhibits. All through LA you will notice the many different museums (on museum row) that you can visit. Need free last minute plans with either your friends or significant other take a trip to The Getty Center, LACMA after 3 pm, Grand Moca Ave free every Thursday, or our favorite, The Broad, which is also free.


Christal & Christina