Rhianna's fur slides have been on my Christmas list since forever, so I was beyond excited when they finally released and almost shed a tear when I got my hands on a pair. If you were one of many who woke up super early or even waited in those long lines and still were not able to buy, it will only cost you $30 and 20 minutes to make your own.

You will need:

Pair of slides, Fur fabric, Glue or needle/ thread , Scissors

After you decide whether or not you want to sew or glue the fabric onto the shoe, make sure you cut and measure the fabric so that it fits the strap of the slide perfectly. If you use glue, ensure that it is fabric glue and super strong so that your creation won't randomly fall apart. If you sew the fabric (like I did), use the same color thread as the fabric and sew along the perimeter of the band. And BAM! You have your very own fur slides.

Despite the name embedded on the fur, you have something pretty similar to the original. I bought a pair of slides from H&M because they looked more modern and fashion forward than the athletic slides and I figured why buy a pair of name brand slides, when I was going to cover them up with fur anyway. Instead of using feathers, I figured the faux fur would resemble Rhianna’s fur slides more, so I bought a yard from a fabric store named Sas and had plenty of fabric left over. Keep in mind that you can use any color, brand, and style slides you choose along w the type of material. 

H&M Slides:


Christina Cotton