Who likes wearing tight clothes all the time? Not us! Some women tend to shy away from wearing baggy clothes because they think they will lose their feminine touch, but that is not true. In fact, it is possible to wear loose clothing without your outfit losing its' feminine touch. For us, It is nice to take a break, especially this summer, from the super tight skinny jeans and crop tops and just to relax. Outfits like the ones we are wearing are our favorite because they are super comfortable and with the touch of Christina's D.I.Y Rihanna fur slides and Christal's trouser pant, it creates the perfect balance of a chill outfit while still staying fashionable. 

Christal's Look: 1.) Bradley shirt, 2.) Pants from forever 21, 3.) slip on vans

Christina's Style: 1.) shirt from cotton on, 2.) blazer from thrift store, 3.) shorts from thrift store, 4.) diy slides


Christal & Christina