Christal: There I go wearing a skirt again, I know on the last post I expressed how much hate I have for skirts and dresses, but there is a reason why I decided to wear this skirt. This denim skirt happens to be the very first skirt I made completely from scratch, hand made pattern and all. I am not too fond of pattern making and it is actually extremely harder than it looks. Sewing from a commercial pattern has always been easy for me, but in regards to making the actual pattern, I am always thinking 10 steps ahead making sure the darts are in the right place and that the seam allowance is added, all of that on top of buying the fabric and bringing it to life. I am far from perfect, so I dedicated my time this summer to practice until I am able to master it.

Christina: Summer's coming and I know you can feel it. As summer approaches, I try my hardest to shy away from wearing jeans. And since I work at Gap and get a discount on jeans, it is very hard to accomplish. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans, but for me it is one of my clothing crutches. Even when I have a closet full of clothes, I go straight to my jeans and before I know it, everyday turns into a "I don't know what to wear, I will just wear jeans" day, making every outfit boring and repetitive. So to prevent this from happening, putting on a pair of printed pants will effortlessly give my outfit more personality than a pair of jeans would.

Christal's Look: 1.) Black and white turtle neck from the thrift store, 2.) hand made denim skirt, 3.) Leather boots

Christina's Style: 1.) Black crop top from Forever21, 2.) Plaid pants from Forever21, 3.) Chunky sandals from Urban Outfitters

*All photos were taken by Ronnise Cotton


Christal & Christina