Christal: This is one of those "I'm in a hurry, late to class, running to the store outfits". Being comfortable is one of the major keys when choosing an outfit and this happens to be one of my favorite quick and simple outfits that I like to wear because its so easy. For me, lazy or bummy outfits don't always mean oversized sweat shirts and sweats. Majority of the time my lazy outfits consists of the color black, flow pants, and crop top shirts and sweaters. 

Christina: In case you didn't know, my outfits are determined by comfort level, and I must say that this outfit is crazy comfortable. Let me start by saying that I have been looking for a one piece bodysuit forever and finally found one on for only $20. They had different colors, but of course I went with the black because I figured it would be easier to style. Since it is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn, I have also considered wearing it to sleep as pajamas and even to the gym. Now, let's talk about my favorite jacket in the entire world. Everyone is probably sick and tired of me wearing olive green, but when I saw this men's bomber jacket on sale I had to get it. Nine times out of ten, I walk straight to the men's section because of how simple, comfortable, and loose fitting the clothes fit on me compared to women's clothes. For me, being comfortable is so important because I automatically feel confident. In other words, when I'm comfortable I'm confident and if I'm not comfortable, I don't wear it.

Christal's Look: 1.) Hoodie from, 2.) Pants from H&M, 3.) Shoes from Forever21

Christina's Style: 1.) Bodysuit from Gojane, 2.) Bomber jacket from Gap, 3.) New balances from Urbanoutfitters


Christal & Christina