This is the closest we will ever get to dressing like identical twins.  I guess for those who ask if we can read each others minds, the answer is yes because without any collaboration, we both woke up basically wearing camouflage and a black hoodie or bomber and of course, we had to document it. It is finally cold outside and what is cold weather without oversized clothing? For us, oversized clothing is essential during the winter time when we are not layering.  The hoodie (asos) and the bomber (vans) are both from the men's section. As we mentioned before, majority of our closest consist of men's clothing because the clothes automatically gives us an effortless oversized/ comfy look that we love.

What is your winter must have?

Christal's Look: 1.) cropped hoodie from Forever21, 2.) Camo pants from thrift store, 3.) Bomber jacket from Vans

Christina's Style: 1.) Black hoodie from Asos, 2.) Camo jacket from thrift store, 3.) Boots from Asos


Christal & Christina