Since we are identical twins, everyone expects us to dress alike. Though our mom dressed us the same up until the third grade, we thought it would be a smart decision to buy different sets of clothes and share them to expand each our wardrobes.

Great minds think alike. For instance, the both of us went to the mall separately and I (Christina) was going to buy the turquoise green fuzzy cardigan from H&M, but decided to buy a different sweater from Cotton On and come to find out that Christal bought the same turquoise green fuzzy cardigan. Even though we don't dress the same, we have similar tastes in clothing.

Christina's Style: 1.) Fuzzy blue cardigan from H&M, 2.) White crop top from Forever 21, 3.) White pants from Forever21, 4.) Sandals from the swap meet.

Christal's Look: 1.) Blazer from thrift store, 2.) Run DMC t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, 3.)Black & White checkered skort from Forever21, 4.) Chelsea boots from my mother.



Christal & Christina