Fall is everyone's favorite season of the year, including ours. The windy nights, changes in the leaves, pumpkin scented candles, and Halloween easily makes Fall the best season ever. In Cali we are finally in the transition where the weather is cooling down, but where it is not cold enough to layer. While we wait for the weather to cool down just a little more, we're still playing around with light knits and incorporating them in our outfits. For example, the shirt that Christal is wearing and the body suit that Christina is wearing are both knitted fabrics. The knits are still very comfortable to wear because the weather isn't terribly hot anymore, but the moment the weather finally cools down, you better believe we will be layering with thicker knits and different patterns.

Christal's Look: 1.) Knit Shirt from Forever21, 2.) Pants from Forever21, 3.) Glasses from Downtown alley

Christina's Style: 1.) Knit bodysuit from Asos, 2.) Jeans from Cotton On, 3.) Sweater from Gap


Christal & Christina


First things first, I would like to thank Rihanna for such greatness. Honestly without her, this look wouldn't be possible. If you don't know the story, the first release I tried so hard to get a pair of slides but failed miserably. So when I heard they would be in stock again, I had another chance to redeem myself. If you haven't noticed, I am so obsessed with these Puma slides to the point where I can wear them everyday without a problem. In fact, I don't buy many sneakers because I think lacing them up takes entirely way too long, so these slides are absolutely perfect. I was inspired by the ruffled socks styles with the pumas and I thought "why not lace socks?". The fur slides are already beautiful by themselves, but I felt that lace socks would add an edgy and bold touch. The great part is that lace socks are super affordable and worth every dollar. I bought mine from for only $8 . 


Christal's Look: 1.) Tank top from Zara, 2.) Jean shorts from Gap, 3.) Shoes from Vans, 4.) Chocker from Boohoo

Christina's Style: 1.) Black shirt from Qrew, 2.) Knit pants from Zara, 3,) Shoes from Forever21

*All photos taken by Dillon Amir - insta: @dillon_amir


Christal & Christina