Fall is everyone's favorite season of the year, including ours. The windy nights, changes in the leaves, pumpkin scented candles, and Halloween easily makes Fall the best season ever. In Cali we are finally in the transition where the weather is cooling down, but where it is not cold enough to layer. While we wait for the weather to cool down just a little more, we're still playing around with light knits and incorporating them in our outfits. For example, the shirt that Christal is wearing and the body suit that Christina is wearing are both knitted fabrics. The knits are still very comfortable to wear because the weather isn't terribly hot anymore, but the moment the weather finally cools down, you better believe we will be layering with thicker knits and different patterns.

Christal's Look: 1.) Knit Shirt from Forever21, 2.) Pants from Forever21, 3.) Glasses from Downtown alley

Christina's Style: 1.) Knit bodysuit from Asos, 2.) Jeans from Cotton On, 3.) Sweater from Gap


Christal & Christina


First things first, I would like to thank Rihanna for such greatness. Honestly without her, this look wouldn't be possible. If you don't know the story, the first release I tried so hard to get a pair of slides but failed miserably. So when I heard they would be in stock again, I had another chance to redeem myself. If you haven't noticed, I am so obsessed with these Puma slides to the point where I can wear them everyday without a problem. In fact, I don't buy many sneakers because I think lacing them up takes entirely way too long, so these slides are absolutely perfect. I was inspired by the ruffled socks styles with the pumas and I thought "why not lace socks?". The fur slides are already beautiful by themselves, but I felt that lace socks would add an edgy and bold touch. The great part is that lace socks are super affordable and worth every dollar. I bought mine from for only $8 . 


Christal's Look: 1.) Tank top from Zara, 2.) Jean shorts from Gap, 3.) Shoes from Vans, 4.) Chocker from Boohoo

Christina's Style: 1.) Black shirt from Qrew, 2.) Knit pants from Zara, 3,) Shoes from Forever21

*All photos taken by Dillon Amir - insta: @dillon_amir


Christal & Christina


Christina: It honestly feels like summer started yesterday and I have no idea where the time went. As some people treat the first day of school like a fashion show, I kept it simple for two reasons. Reason number one: I woke up late and panicked once I came to the conclusion that I had nothing to wear. Reason number two: It was way too hot, so the more simple my outfit was, the better. Though I had a great, memory filled summer with all of my amazing friends, it is now time for school (yay). Getting back into the hang of things is super hard for me since all I've done this summer was sleep, eat, and work. And if not, I will definitely be using Christal's jacket as motivation to get through this semester.

Christal:  I feel like the days when I’m not planning to buy something from any store is the day I actually find something worth buying, in comparison to the planned shopping trips I find nothing. That was me the moment I spotted this red jacket at Zara. When I laid my eyes on this jacket, I knew it was something I needed hanging in my closet. This jacket was originally $60 and luckily I got it on sale for only $10, so that was definitely icing on a cake and made my decision so much easier.

Christal's Look: 1.) Red Jacket from Zara, 2.) Black Halter Top from H&M, 3.) Boyfriend shorts from Zara, 4.) Black Chelsea boots

Christina's Style: 1.) T-shirt from H&M, 2.) Jeans from Qrew, 3) Hat and Shoes from Asos


Christal & Christina


From Atlanta to Los Angeles we finally had the opportunity to meet and shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Breyona Holt, better known as exquisite_eye on social media such as twitter and instagram. Honestly, words simply don't explain how amazing Breyona's work is. Each and every one of her projects are executed effortlessly all while successfully telling a story.  From the first time we followed her on instagram years ago, we knew that we had to shoot with her sooner or later, in which later became sooner than we thought. She is obviously a very talented young woman and her works truly sets her apart from other photographers, but her chill vibes also makes it super easy and comfortable to be in front of her camera lens. In fact hanging out with her  felt as though we have met multiple times before.  Being around someone like her, who is the same age as us and doing what they love, is not only inspiring, but it is also motivating, which makes it safe to say that there is no doubt that we will work with her again in the future.

Christal's Look: 1.) Sheer black button up from thrift store, 2.) Mom jeans from the thrift store, 3.) Black platforms from Forever 21.

Christina's Style: 1.) Denim shirt from thrift store, 2.) Jeans from Forever21, 3.) Black crop from Forever21, 4.) Platform shoes from Reflections


Christal & Christina


The best part about living in Los Angeles are the museums, especially the free ones. And the best part about making plans with us is that everything is always sort of random. Meet our friends Scott and Estephen. 30 minutes before leaving, we literally called them asking them if they wanted to go to the Broad with us, and of course they accepted the invitation. The Broad museum is fairly new and has some of the best art pieces we have seen. If you plan on visiting, it would be best to have tickets to prevent from standing in a line, that can sometimes be over an hour wait. Not only are the tickets free online, having tickets pretty much cuts your waiting time in half, which gives you more time to explore and enjoy all of the exhibits. All through LA you will notice the many different museums (on museum row) that you can visit. Need free last minute plans with either your friends or significant other take a trip to The Getty Center, LACMA after 3 pm, Grand Moca Ave free every Thursday, or our favorite, The Broad, which is also free.


Christal & Christina


Let's start by saying IT'S HOT! But I'm sure you already knew that because it's summer. As the weather gets warmer, we are trying our best to keep our outfits super simple and what better way to accomplish such simplicity other than a tank top and a pair of sneakers? 

Christal's Look: 1.) Body suit from Forever 21, 2.) Pants made by me, 3.) High top chucks

Christina's Style: 1.) tank top from H&M, 2.) pants from thrift store, 3.) new balances from foot action 


Christal & Christina


Who likes wearing tight clothes all the time? Not us! Some women tend to shy away from wearing baggy clothes because they think they will lose their feminine touch, but that is not true. In fact, it is possible to wear loose clothing without your outfit losing its' feminine touch. For us, It is nice to take a break, especially this summer, from the super tight skinny jeans and crop tops and just to relax. Outfits like the ones we are wearing are our favorite because they are super comfortable and with the touch of Christina's D.I.Y Rihanna fur slides and Christal's trouser pant, it creates the perfect balance of a chill outfit while still staying fashionable. 

Christal's Look: 1.) Bradley shirt, 2.) Pants from forever 21, 3.) slip on vans

Christina's Style: 1.) shirt from cotton on, 2.) blazer from thrift store, 3.) shorts from thrift store, 4.) diy slides


Christal & Christina


Rhianna's fur slides have been on my Christmas list since forever, so I was beyond excited when they finally released and almost shed a tear when I got my hands on a pair. If you were one of many who woke up super early or even waited in those long lines and still were not able to buy, it will only cost you $30 and 20 minutes to make your own.

You will need:

Pair of slides, Fur fabric, Glue or needle/ thread , Scissors

After you decide whether or not you want to sew or glue the fabric onto the shoe, make sure you cut and measure the fabric so that it fits the strap of the slide perfectly. If you use glue, ensure that it is fabric glue and super strong so that your creation won't randomly fall apart. If you sew the fabric (like I did), use the same color thread as the fabric and sew along the perimeter of the band. And BAM! You have your very own fur slides.

Despite the name embedded on the fur, you have something pretty similar to the original. I bought a pair of slides from H&M because they looked more modern and fashion forward than the athletic slides and I figured why buy a pair of name brand slides, when I was going to cover them up with fur anyway. Instead of using feathers, I figured the faux fur would resemble Rhianna’s fur slides more, so I bought a yard from a fabric store named Sas and had plenty of fabric left over. Keep in mind that you can use any color, brand, and style slides you choose along w the type of material. 

H&M Slides:


Christina Cotton


Christal: There I go wearing a skirt again, I know on the last post I expressed how much hate I have for skirts and dresses, but there is a reason why I decided to wear this skirt. This denim skirt happens to be the very first skirt I made completely from scratch, hand made pattern and all. I am not too fond of pattern making and it is actually extremely harder than it looks. Sewing from a commercial pattern has always been easy for me, but in regards to making the actual pattern, I am always thinking 10 steps ahead making sure the darts are in the right place and that the seam allowance is added, all of that on top of buying the fabric and bringing it to life. I am far from perfect, so I dedicated my time this summer to practice until I am able to master it.

Christina: Summer's coming and I know you can feel it. As summer approaches, I try my hardest to shy away from wearing jeans. And since I work at Gap and get a discount on jeans, it is very hard to accomplish. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans, but for me it is one of my clothing crutches. Even when I have a closet full of clothes, I go straight to my jeans and before I know it, everyday turns into a "I don't know what to wear, I will just wear jeans" day, making every outfit boring and repetitive. So to prevent this from happening, putting on a pair of printed pants will effortlessly give my outfit more personality than a pair of jeans would.

Christal's Look: 1.) Black and white turtle neck from the thrift store, 2.) hand made denim skirt, 3.) Leather boots

Christina's Style: 1.) Black crop top from Forever21, 2.) Plaid pants from Forever21, 3.) Chunky sandals from Urban Outfitters

*All photos were taken by Ronnise Cotton


Christal & Christina