The desert setting and exposure may give off the impression that it is extremely hot outside, but in reality, it was way colder than we are use to. In our opinion, it never gets unbearably cold outside, but we were visiting our dad and where he lives, it was ridiculously cold. Our room is actually the coldest in the house, and getting out of bed to do blog our outfits almost didn't happen. 

Christina: Today was the perfect day to pull my favorite poncho and knee high boots out of my closet and layer it with my longline bomber jacket. It is pretty much resembles a blanket, so whenever I wear it during the winter or even fall, I know it will undoubtedly keep me warm. The boots I am wearing is also a winter essential because it covers up majority of my leg and also allows me to wear a dress without being extremely cold. 

Christal: I couldn't wait to wear my new black overalls that I got for Christmas. I have always wanted a pair of black overalls but most of them were a bit on the expensive side. These overalls have definitely become a favorite piece in my closet. Overalls are so easy! I think thats why I love them so much. If I am feeling lazy I can easily pair them with an oversized shirt or hoodie.  These overalls were purchased at GAP and I believe they were purchased while they were on sale! I of course wanted to wear an all black outfit because all black looks good in any season, pairing it with a matching black denim jacket from GAP as well.

Christal's Look: 1.) Overalls from GAP, 2.) Jacket from GAP, 3.) Black shirt from American Apparel, 4. Sneakers from Vans 

Christina's Style: 1.) Poncho from Asos, 2.) Longline blazer from Forever21, 3.) Dress from Forever21, 4.) Knee high boots from Public Desire


Christal & Christina



This is the closest we will ever get to dressing like identical twins.  I guess for those who ask if we can read each others minds, the answer is yes because without any collaboration, we both woke up basically wearing camouflage and a black hoodie or bomber and of course, we had to document it. It is finally cold outside and what is cold weather without oversized clothing? For us, oversized clothing is essential during the winter time when we are not layering.  The hoodie (asos) and the bomber (vans) are both from the men's section. As we mentioned before, majority of our closest consist of men's clothing because the clothes automatically gives us an effortless oversized/ comfy look that we love.

What is your winter must have?

Christal's Look: 1.) cropped hoodie from Forever21, 2.) Camo pants from thrift store, 3.) Bomber jacket from Vans

Christina's Style: 1.) Black hoodie from Asos, 2.) Camo jacket from thrift store, 3.) Boots from Asos


Christal & Christina


Christal's Look: 1). Overalls from Gap, 2). Denim shirt from Forever2,1 3). Boots from Thrift, 4). Chocker from Forever21

Christina's Style: 1). Denim from Zara, 2). Tee from Qrew, 3). Chocker from Thrift, 4). Sunglasses from Downtown


Christal & Christina


Christal: This shirt is definitely a head turner and if  you know me well enough, you would know that I love attention. I bought this amazing shirt from Legendary Rootz and the message is pretty much self explanatory. But if the message happened to go over anyone's head, it pretty much simplifies how everybody loves black culture but they don't love everything else that comes along with being black. In regards of fashion, music, and simply the way we carry ourselves, everyone wants to be us. But the moment a black life becomes a hashtag or is obviously being mistreated, not only do people attempt to justify it, but those same are suddenly quiet. 

Things like that happen all the time in our fashion classes. Students have asked, "How do I become blackified" as if they could throw on black skin because it's cool and take it off as soon as things don't go in their favor. Not only is it insulting, but it really gets frustrating because our skin is not a trend. We don't have the choice to turn our blackness off whenever we felt like it. We are black 24/7 and the only thing we can do is embrace it. 

Christal's Look: 1.) Shirt from Legendary Rootz, 2.) Pants from Zara, 3.) DIY Puma Slides

Christina's Style: 1.) Crewneck: Forever21, 2.) Pants from Forever21, 3.) Boots from mom

*All photos were taken by Dillon Amir - insta: @dillon_amir


Christal & Christina